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Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves South Africa

Facing History and Ourselves in
South Africa


People Make Choices.

Choices Make History.

Since 2003, we have been working with Facing History and Ourselves (USA) to support South African teachers to help young people understand how society is shaped by the choices of individuals, and the role that they can play in the creation of a culture that values human rights, diversity and peace.


Our long-standing partnership with Facing History and Ourselves empowers teachers and learners to think critically about history and to understand the impact of their choices. By examining case studies from Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, apartheid and the TRC and the United States Civill Rights Movement, students are exposed to questions of identity, inclusion versus exclusion and apathy versus activism.

Through engaging and rigorous classroom learning experiences, young people are guided to contribute towards building a more compassionate and democratic South Africa. 


Over 5 000 South African teachers have attended Facing History and Ourselves workshops. The partnership has supported them with resources, methodologies, on-line courses and continued opportunities to learn as a community of engaged and thoughtful teachers. 

Through their daily reach and the resources we have distributed to thousands of schools across South Africa, tens of thousand of young people have begun the journey of active democratic citizenship. 

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