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Our Story

Hi these are some articles from long long ago


Below are some older event notices that give a sense of our history and the work we have done.


The UP2Us Xperience

In January 2011 Shikaya brought 50 passionate,inspiring and committed young people from a cross section of schools together for the first Up2Us lab! The aim was to get  these young people to help design a campaign that will take Up2Us across the country.

Having worked through the Up2Us Xperience the delegates began to create their own campaigns.They were asked to address the following: "How do you create a campaign which will inspire young people in racially and economically diverse communities to take a stand?"

The campaigns were created around issues close to them and included among others:

Σ-fi-Education for infinity (Education)

Life (make the powerful choice for prevention of alcohol and drug abuse)

Be a child Day (for child abuse)

I am Blue (for abuse against boys and men)

Hungry for Education ( for Education)

The XperienceAmanda