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Hi these are some articles from long long ago


Below are some older event notices that give a sense of our history and the work we have done.


Eugenics and Australia case study

Shikaya and Facing History and Ourselves

 Eugenics and Australia case study

The Eugenics workshop was presented by Gill Sutton and Roy Hellenberg

 The workshop covered the following  topics:  ‘The Individual and society’: who am I? What shapes my identity?

‘We and they’: The power of words - what do they mean when discussed in relation to identity and belonging? Which words unite and which separate?

A Play clip that demonstrates ‘how British divided the world into us and them’.

Comparing Neville's views to ‘Social Darwinism & Eugenics ‘- where is it similar and where is it different?

Reading Theatre – ‘The myth of eugenics.’

Judgment, Memory and Legacy: How is this Lost Generation been remembered? How should they be remembered? What monuments should be built and why.

Teacher Responses:

"Firstly, I found that it focused my attention on the topic in a manner that is different from when I’m preparing for the learners. Secondly, it forced me to exam the CAPS document, for Grade 11, more closely and consider how it framed the historical knowledge for our learners. Thirdly, it is always fantastic to connect with colleagues and learn from what other people are doing in their classrooms; and finally, interacting with colleagues, with a wide range of classroom experience and who work in very different settings from my own, reminds me of how difficult history teaching is in a society engaged in social and economic transformation. I am left humbled, challenged and inspired."