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Hi these are some articles from long long ago


Below are some older event notices that give a sense of our history and the work we have done.


The US Civil Rights Movement II

Shikaya and Facing History and Ourselves

The US Civil Rights Movement II

 At the second workshop we  began with looking back at :

  •      Three things that they have learned from last week
  •      Two questions that they still have.
  •      One aspect of class/the text that they enjoyed.

Participants  watched 'Freedom Riders' and explored;

'What lessons might people trying to address issues of injustice today learn from the Freedom Rides?'

Teacher Responses:

" I could identify concepts of: 'One step at a time, 'non-violence',  'Perseverence', 'Each of us can have an impact' "

" Issues raised in the workshop were relevant to young people today: non-violence, The collective verses the individual, We can all be joined by a common by a common just cause."

" This lesson will make them think that if they are not happy with something thye must question it and somehow act on it. they don't have to accept things the way they are."

" Through these workshop we have the capacity to create Upstanders!"